The Unexpected Table: Where Dialogue Builds Family

Who We Are: The Unexpected Table is a space–real and virtual–for friends and family to share ideas about what it means to be human, to thrive, to be resilient.

Spirited but not mean; informative but not dogmatic, The Table is a gathering place for dialogue; a welcoming shelter to anticipate, explore, and find ways to adapt to the breathtaking pace of change in work, family, politics, ethics, and community.

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Table Thoughts

College Bribery: A Weak Signal from the Future?

Anxiety is woven into the college application process for families across the economic spectrum. American parents spend almost half a billion dollars each year on independent education consultants, not counting the cost of test prep or flights and hotels for campus visits. The college application process triggers family aspirations—and fears. And given the lottery-like scale of the competition (Princeton admitted 1,9
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Kids, Families, and the Soundscape of Anger: What We Can Do

From Second Hand Smoke…Throughout the 60s my brother and I endured endless hours of misery in the smoke-filled backseat of the family car. No amount of complaining alleviated the fog of smoke we sat in. I suspect our complaints were experienced as the ungrateful whining of children who didn’t appreciate those Sunday afternoon rides meant to ‘entertain’ us. In fairness it wasn’t until the 80s the public started to res
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The Financial Perils – and Creative Possibilities – of Summer Boredom

Keeping children (3-15) entertained over long summer breaks is the bane of parents. As one reminded me recently, it’s not just the challenge of keeping boredom at bay; it’s doing it in a way that isn’t a non-stop spending spree.   “I can afford to do things for my kids,” a parent mentioned recently. “But I don’t want them to equate spending money with having fun. Whether it’s paying for parking and admission to
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