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Who We Are: The Unexpected Table is a space–real and virtual–for friends and family to share ideas about what it means to be human, to thrive, to be resilient.

Spirited but not mean; informative but not dogmatic, The Table is a gathering place for dialogue; a welcoming shelter to anticipate, explore, and find ways to adapt to the breathtaking pace of change in work, family, politics, ethics, and community.

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Table Thoughts

One Family’s Response to the Marjory Stoneman Douglas School Shooting

By Joline Godfrey Maybe it was just one disaster too many. It had been a harrowing six weeks: 12-year-old Isabelle Kim evacuated with her family as the Thomas Fire encircled her home in Ojai, Ca. in early December. Then, on Jan. 9 mudslides in Montecito, Ca. killed 21 people, closed Rte. 101 and Isabelle chose to take a ferry over rough ocean waters to get to her school. But Isabelle is strong and resilient and she w
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Elvis Presley’s Tears

As Lisa Marie Presley’s tale of financial loss hit the tabloids this week, I imagined Elvis looking down from the great beyond, tears in his eyes, crooning about all that work, all those songs, all the commercial nonsense he put up with over the years to give his family financial security (OK, so that wasn’t the only reason he did all those things). And after all that, his daughter blew it all. Celebrity riches
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About The Unexpected Table

Joline Reflects, Then Reinvents Joline Godfrey is the founder and Chief Creative Officer of The Unexpected Table, a real and virtual gathering place for exploring issues of thriving families in the midst of accelerating change. She is an   innovator in financial education and well being for families. After Independent Means was acquired in 2015, Godfrey was reflecting on her what her her future might include when fri
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