The Unexpected Table: Where Dialogue Builds Family

Who We Are: The Unexpected Table is a space–real and virtual–for friends and family to share ideas about what it means to be human, to thrive, to be resilient.

Spirited but not mean; informative but not dogmatic, The Table is a gathering place for dialogue; a welcoming shelter to anticipate, explore, and find ways to adapt to the breathtaking pace of change in work, family, politics, ethics, and community.

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Table Thoughts

What Does it Take for a 21st Century Family to Thrive?

I subscribe to Universe Today, a cool NASA blog which brings weak signals from the future across my radar every day. And not long ago, this headline caught my attention: I WONDER IF IT HAS ROOM SERVICE? HERE’S THE SPACE HOTEL THAT WON A RECENT NASA COMPETITION. It’s about a competition MIT ran challenging students to design “a luxury Earth-facing eight-room space hotel complete with bar, restaurant, and gym, th
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Fly Fishing and Financial Education; An Update.

Almost every family that crosses my path has heard my fishing and financial education story. It was such an epiphany (and wild coincidence) that I share it often. But I have an important update. As I use to tell it families tended to break into one of two camps: either you were a family who applied the fly fishing metaphor to money and kids; or you were other kind, the family that thought there was just one way for a
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